Fresh, Local Flowers

Grown on a small-scale in Copley, Ohio, with love

Caring for your bouquet

We’ve selected varieties of flowers that are known to be hearty in a vase for days. With a little care, you can extend the vase life of your bouquet!

At Home

Cut flowers love water! Keep them in water at all times. Once home, remove any packaging and give the stems a little trim – not just to fit into your vase, but even 1/2 inch will give the flowers a fresh source for water and extend their life. 

You may add a floral additive to your water, but our own experience shows that plain water works great for these flowers! 

After a day or two, change out your water. Zinnias and Strawflower are known to ‘dirty’ the water they reside in. Clean, fresh water will help your flowers last longer in the vase. 

Drying flowers

Some varieties make great dried flowers for use throughout the year, including gomphrena, sunball, and strawflower. If you are interested in drying these varieties, enjoy them in a vase for a few days, then hang them bloom-side down (upside down by their stems) in a warm, dry and dark space. 


About your bouquet

All the flowers we sell are grown on our property in Copley, Ohio. With a few exceptions (black-eyed Susan’s, Queen Anne’s lace, greens and, of course, dahlias) all our cut flowers were started by seed. 

Our garden is an effort of collaboration and togetherness – our neighbor has graciously plowed our patch and lent his tiller for the preparation of our growing space. Our kids help move rainwater from the barrels at the house to the ‘field’. The design of our materials and even some of our bouquets has been done by our daughter. Matt has seeded nearly all of our plants and prepared the beds for planting, as well as fighting pests with natural remedies. 

We are not certified organic growers, but we avoid the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. We believe in developing healthy soil to grow healthy plants that can resist disease. Natural methods of weed control and suppression are used instead of herbicides. 

Behind the Scenes

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What We Grow

We are adding to our varieties each year.

Our 2022 growing season will have the following varieties, pending harvest!

  • Dahlias
  • Sunflowers
  • Cosmos
  • Zinnias
  • China Asters
  • Strawflower
  • Sunball
  • Marigold