Welcome to Hidden Hemlock!

Located in Copley, Ohio, our family grows, sells, and gives away flowers – dahlias, cosmos, zinnias, china asters, sunflowers, and whatever else we find!

While our story has twists and turns like most, ours may be familiar in that it starts small, dreams big, and has an unknown ending. Isn’t that how all of life is?

Our family of five lives on just over 2 acres where our neighbor was kind enough to plow up a plot for growing flowers.

Erin started growing dahlias in 2018 with Matt’s encouragement in small garden beds in front of our house. One neighbor thought she was planting potatoes in the front bed. The tall plants looked a little strange in the landscaping – until they bloomed.

We took a leap in 2019 to leave our home of 13 years to attempt our dream of having more outdoor space to roam and grow. When a chance meeting to purchase $2 garden tools turned into buying a larger lot and smaller house, we were just crazy enough to jump in.

The work of growing flowers is a practice in patience, discipline, and flexibility. We enjoy the hard work and marvel at the beauty of the Creation we get to steward. Flowers are a hobby and a lesson in life for our family.

We are blessed that you’ve stopped by this little corner of the world!

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Why Hidden Hemlock?

Hiking in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, Eastern Hemlock trees bring beauty and grace to the forest. These trees have a smaller needle and create a beautiful dappling effect to the sunlight streaming through to the forest floor. These trees are my favorite to find on a hike. I don’t see hemlocks everywhere, they almost seem like a treasure waiting to be discovered in the cover of the forest. We all have hidden gifts waiting to be unveiled.